which of the following statements about computer networks is true?

which of the following statements about computer networks is true?

What are the facts about a computer network’s performance? 

Computer networks are a collection of computers and resources (e.g., printers, file servers) connected to communicate with one another and their resources.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a mesh network for your business? 

Summary: Wireless Mesh networks offer improved fault tolerance and central management. Wireless Mesh has its disadvantages. It isn’t easy to set up and manage, as well as expensive end devices for subscribers/users.

What are the benefits of a star network for your business? 

Star networks have the following advantages: they are very reliable. If one cable or device goes down, all other cables and devices will work. It is highly reliable as there are no data collisions.

What is star connectivity within a computer network? 

Star networks are a way to implement a spoke-hub distribution model in computer networks. Every host in a star network is connected to a central center hub. One central hub is the conduit that transmits messages. This is how star networks work in their simplest form. The hub transmits data on a star network before it reaches its destination.

Which network card is most used? 

The Ethernet Network card is the most frequently used network card.

What does a computer network look like? 

A network is a group of computers (like a desktop, laptop, smartphone, console, etc.). Servers, mainframes, network devices (like; hub, router, firewall, etc. Other devices, such as peripherals or connected devices, allow for the distribution and shear of data and user information.

Which network topology is most reliable? 

A fully connected network topology is the most reliable. Full connectivity, also known as a complete topology or full mesh topology, is a network topology with a direct link between all nodes.

What are computer networks, and what are their advantages? 

Computer networking’s advantages File sharing: You can share data with other users or remotely access it if it is stored on other devices. Resource sharing – sharing software or printers between multiple users via network-connected peripheral devices, such as scanners, copiers, and scanners.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a computer network? 

Comparative Table of Computer Network Advantages & Disadvantages. This table is the basis for comparison.

What is a computer network? 

A computer network is a collection of computers that share resources provided or located by network nodes. Computers communicate using common communication protocols, which are digital interconnections. They can be identified by network addresses and may also have host names.

Which network topology is most reliable and why? 

Answer: A complete mesh topology connects each node to all other nodes on the network. This network is fully redundant and the most reliable. The network will continue functioning even if any link or node is damaged.

What are the three characteristics of networks? 

Geographic Distribution of Network Characteristics: This is where the main difference lies between the two types. Data rate: Error rate: Communication link: Ownership: Communication cost:

Which of these are the characteristics of computer networking? 

Below is a list of computer network features. Communication speed File sharing. It is simple to back up and roll back. Software and hardware sharing. Security. Scalability. Reliability.

What is a computer networking PDF? 

Networking refers to the act of connecting computers electronically to share information. Networking can share common resources such as software, files, and printers. WAN refers to a network that spans a larger area than LAN. It usually covers entire countries, cities, and even the entire world.

Which one of these is the main purpose of a computer network’s existence? 

Computer networks allow communication for all business, entertainment, research, and other purposes. Computer networks are the basis of the internet, online search, email, audio and video sharing, electronic commerce, live streaming, and social networking.

What are the benefits of networking class 10 CBSE? 

It makes file sharing much easier. Computer networking makes it easier for people to share files. This greatly reduces the time and effort required.

Which topology is more reliable? 

The ring topology is important because communication can be lost if one of the nodes or links fails. Star topology is another option. Losing a link can prevent communication between the hub, the node attached via that link, and all other nodes will continue to function as before.

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